September 5, 2023

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Date: 09/05/2023
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Dreamcatcher Library

Meeting Agenda

Notice of Public Meeting

Presidio School Inc. Board of Directors

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the Presidio School Board of Directors and to the general public that a meeting, open to the public, will be held as specified below.


Board of Presidio School, Inc. 

By Terry S. Garza, Terry S. Garza

Secretary, Board of Directors of Presidio School


Presidio School Board of Directors Meeting

1695 East Ft. Lowell 

Dreamcatcher Library

Tucson, Arizona 85719

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

5:00 PM


  • Call to order Mr. Carrillo
  • Public Comment Mr. Carrillo

Action Items:

  • Consideration to Approve the July 25, 2023  Board Minutes Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the June 2023 Presidio School Expenditures Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the July 2023 Presidio School Expenditures Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the 2023/2024 Revised Monitor Job Description Ms. Montierth
  • Consideration to Approve Purchasing the Verkada Alarm Monitoring System Ms. Montierth


Discussion Items:

  • 1695 Front Office Safety Project Ms. Montierth


Principal’s Report:

Meeting Minutes

Presidio School Board of Directors

 Meeting Minutes

1695 E. Ft. Lowell

Tucson, Arizona

Date:   September 5, 2023


Called To Order:  5:09 PM Adjourned:  6:23 PM

Attendance by Members of the Board:  P= Present, A=Absent, R=Remote Attendance

  P   Peggy Barnett, Treasurer

  P   Martin Carrillo, President

  P  Thomas Drexel, Vice President

  P  Terry Garza, Secretary

  P   Jessica Montierth, Member

Public Comment: No public comment


  1. To approve the July 25, 2023 Minutes as presented.

Moved by:   Tom Drexel Seconded by:    Peggy Barnette   Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approve the June 2023 expenditures.

Moved by:   Peggy Barnette Seconded by:    Tom Drexel  Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approve the July 2023 expenditures.

Moved by:   Peggy Barnette Seconded by:    Tom Drexel  Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approved the 2023/2024 Revised Monitor Description with Board recommended changes. 

Moved by:      Terry Garza Seconded by:     Tom Drexel     Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approve the purchase of the Verkada Alarm Monitoring System to increase campus security and safety.  Additionally, the Board is requesting information about the possibility and cost of adding a two-way communication system similar to the “Ring” security system so that Presidio staff can respond immediately and from a safe distance to intruders on campus during non-business hours. 

Moved by:   Tom Drexel Seconded by:    Peggy Barnett   Outcome: Passed Unanimously

Prepared by: Terry S. Garza ,  Terry S. Garza

Discussion Items

  • 1695 Front Office Safety Project
    • The 1695 Front Office Safety Project was listed as a discussion item at the April 2023 Board Meeting.  As part of that discussion the Board was told, “Stakeholders are also requesting that Presidio invest in physical security measures (specifically in the front office and to address identified weak points in the gates) and increased electronic security measures (e.g. panic button in the front office and automatic locking doors in the front office).”  The Presidio Board of Directors agreed that Presidio school should create a Phased Security Plan to include the aforementioned suggestions.  In addition as a result of the September discussions, Presidio staff was directed to examine additional security measures (including, but not limited to: installing a pony wall (with door) to limit access to the interior of the campus, a 4 door control panel, external video intercom system, and internal door release).  
    • The Board asked for a copy of the current Phased Security Plan and previous SVPP Grant information.  This will enable the Board, Superintendent, Principal and Business Manager to examine and align the Phased Security Plan with current and future funding opportunities and sources.  This alignment will allow expedited activation of key parts of the Phased Security Plan that are already identified as most critical (Phase One)  as well as lay the groundwork for the Revised Phased Security Plan and next application for the SVPP Grant. 
    • Presidio’s Facilities Manager, Business Manager, IT Support and Services Manager, and Principal will meet to draft plans and obtain estimates to be presented to the Board for approval.  They also will work  together to apply for the SVPP Safety Grant, due in May of 2024.  
    • The Board asked that the Facilities Manager contact the State Fire Marshall to request a walk through and provide recommendations for the Phased Security Plan. The information garnered from the walk through should be provided to the Board at the first Board Meeting immediately following the walk through. 
    • Once a Phased Security Plan that includes proactive, necessary security measures coupled with cost estimates with associated existing and potential funding sources, and a realistic timeline the Board will review the plan for approval.  The Board may determine that it is necessary to approve the concept in its entirety with implementation of phases separately. 

Principal’s Report

  • Building 300 and HS Courtyard Project
    • The Courtyard Project has been completed and the students are loving the space!  This project was completed prior to the September 1, 2023 deadline and all checks from ESSER II grant monies have been cut.  Presidio’s Business Manager is awaiting the invoice and certified payroll information so she can send the check for the remaining balance.  Building 300 is scheduled for completion this week.  Once all furniture and supplies have been moved back into Building 300, Presidio would like to have a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the completion of these projects and present the new space to the #PresidioFamily.
    • The Board requested verification that Presidio has the Certificates of Occupancy for this space and that the C of O is displayed once the building is open for use.
  • 1695 Courtyard Project
    • Presidio received the approved permits from the City and met with Play It Safe to begin scheduling the grading and drainage work.  The estimated start date for this project is December 22, 2023.
  • EMAC Safe Return to In-Person Learning Plan
    • This is the last cycle monitoring for the Safe Return to In-Person Learning that is required as part of the continuity of services that began in 2021.  Minor modifications to the plan include replacing staff self care plans with Professional Growth Plans that address the four Domains listed in the Summative Evaluation and ensure alignment with Presidio’s SY23/24 Professional Development Plan.
  • Employee Update
    • Kindergarten teacher, RG, has decided to take an elementary music teaching position at a different school.  His last day is September 6, 2023.  Fortunately, Presidio had a registrar candidate that met the Non-degreed Teaching Candidate qualifications, approved by the Board on July 26, 2022. She was offered and accepted the kindergarten teaching position on August 29, 2023 so that she and the kindergarten teaching team could provide a seamless transition.  
    • In response to the resignation of Presidio’s Exceptional Student Services (ESS) teacher for grades 6-12, Presidio will post for an ESS teaching position.  In the meantime, Presidio’s Principal and Superintendent drafted a rationale with the following modifications to the ESS Department:
      • The Director of Exceptional Student Services will assume the role of 504 Coordinator and will be responsible for the development and implementation of all 504 Plans for students in grades K-12.
      • The current ESS teacher for grades K-5 will assume the role of ESS teacher for grades K-12 and will be responsible for the development, implementation, and progress monitoring of all students receiving services through Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and will receive a $2000 salary increase as compensation.
      • Modify the responsibilities of the ESS paraprofessional to include small group implementation of IEP goals and objectives (with supervision from the ESS teacher) and assistance with tracking progress toward IEP goals and objectives, and handling toileting needs for ESS students in grades K-5 and provide monetary compensation in the form of an hourly rate increase.
  • As a result, ESS paraprofessionals must have a higher level of experience and/or training and will receive a $0.50/hour rate increase. 
  • There will be a need to have two full-time (minimum 30 hours per week) ESS to ensure all K-5 students receiving ESS meet their IEP minute requirements, per state and federal guidelines.
  • If funding permits, Presidio will retain 2 ESS paraprofessionals in support of the ESS program  even upon securing a 2nd ESS Teacher 

Prepared by: Jessica Montierth ,  Jessica Montierth


Next Meeting October 3, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Next Meeting

March 5th, 2024

5:00 pm Presidio School Dreamcatcher Library

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