Proposed Budget Hearing – June 14, 2021

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Date: 06/14/2021
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Dreamcatcher Library

Meeting Agenda

Presidio School
CTDS: 108778000
This is a notification that the above-mentioned charter school will be having a public hearing and board meeting to adopt its Fiscal Year 2022 Expenditure Budget.
Meeting date:
6/24/2021 Time: 5:00 PM
Street address:
1695 East Fort Lowell
Bldg.: Dreamcatcher Library Rm./Ste.:
City: Tucson State: AZ Zip: 85719
A copy of the agenda of the matters to be discussed or decided at the meeting may be obtained by contacting:
Contact name:
Terry Garza Phone: 520-881-5222
Email address:
Phone ext.:
The information above is posted on ADE’s website pursuant to A.R.S. §15-905(C) and is not intended to satisfy Open Meeting Law requirements under A.R.S. §38-431.02 et seq.


Proposed 2021-2022 Presidio School Budget Summary

Notice of Public Meeting

Presidio School Inc. Board of Directors

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the Presidio School Board of Directors and to the general public that a meeting, open to the public, will be held as specified below.


Board of Presidio School, Inc. 

By Terry S. Garza, Terry S. Garza

Secretary, Board of Directors of Presidio School



Presidio School Board of Directors Meeting

1695 East Ft. Lowell 

Dreamcatcher Library

Tucson, Arizona 85719

Monday, June 14, 2021

5:00 PM


  • Call to order Mr. Carrillo
  • Public Comment Mr. Carrillo

Action Items:

  • Consideration to Approve the May 4, 2021  Board Minutes Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the April 2021 Expenditures Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the 2021/2022 Catering Bid Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the Proposed 2021/2022 Budget Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the Marquee Bid to replace damaged marquis Ms. Garza

Discussion Items:

  • Review of the school model for 21/22 school year Ms. Montierth Puls
    • Single School – Hybrid model composed of remote and in-person sections for designated courses.
    • Two Schools
      • OI school as described in OI Amendment
      • In person as described in current Charter


Principal’s Report


Meeting Minutes

Next Meeting

June 14, 2021 - Proposed 21/22 Budget Hearing

5:00pm Presidio School Dreamcatcher Library

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