November 1, 2022

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Date: 11/01/2022
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Dreamcatcher Library

Meeting Agenda

Notice of Public Meeting

Presidio School Inc. Board of Directors

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the Presidio School Board of Directors and to the general public that a meeting, open to the public, will be held as specified below.


Board of Presidio School, Inc. 

By Terry S Garza, Terry S. Garza

Secretary, Board of Directors of Presidio School


Presidio School Board of Directors Meeting

1695 East Ft. Lowell 

Dreamcatcher Library

Tucson, Arizona 85719

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

5:00 PM


  • Call to order Mr. Carrillo
  • Public Comment Mr. Carrillo

Action Items:

  • Consideration to Approve the October 4,2022  Board Meeting Minutes Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the September 2022 Expenditures Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve FY 2021/2022 Annual Financial Report Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve a “Land Acknowledgement” Statement and use policy Ms. Garza

“We acknowledge that as members of the Presidio Family our learning takes place on the ancestral homelands of the tribal nations of the Tohono O’odham Nation and Pascua Yaqui tribe. We give thanks to the legacy of the original people, their lives and their decedents and honor with gratitude their stewardship of this land through the ages. We commit to continuing responsible use of this land we inhabit.”


To be added to the Presidio website and included with the pledge of allegiance at Presidio School Flag ceremonies.


Discussion Items:

  • RFP#FY23-01 Architectural, Engineering, and Landscape Design Services   Ms. Montierth    
  • Bids for 300 building renovations Ms. Montierth
  • Bids for window repair/replacement Ms. Montierth
  • RFP# FY23-02 Engineering and Landscape Design-1695 300 bldg. area Ms. Montierth

Principal’s Report: Ms. Montierth

Meeting Minutes

Presidio School Board of Directors

 Meeting Minutes

1695 E. Ft. Lowell

Tucson, Arizona

Date:   November 1, 2022


Called To Order:  5:00 PM Adjourned:  5:41 PM

Attendance by Members of the Board:  P= Present, A=Absent, R=Remote Attendance

  P   Peggy Barnett, Treasurer

  P   Martin Carrillo, President

  P   Thomas Drexel, Vice President

  P   Terry Garza, Secretary

  A   Pat Johnston, Member

  P   Jessica Montierth, Member

Public Comment: No public comment


  1. To approve the October 10, 2022 Minutes as presented.

Moved by:     Jessica Montierth Seconded by:    Tom Drexel   Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approve the September 2022 Expenditures as presented.

Moved by:       Peggy Barnett Seconded by:     Jessica Montierth    Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approve the “Land Acknowledgement” statement and use policy as presented by Erin Foudy.  The statement is

to be placed on the Presidio School website and included with the Pledge of Allegiance at Presidio School Flag ceremonies and other special events/occasions. 

Moved by:     Terry Garza Seconded by:    Peggy Barnett   Outcome: Passed Unanimously

Discussion Items:

  • RFP #FY23-01 Architectural, Engineering, and Landscape Design Services
    • JM reached out to both Play It Safe and David Bang and Associates regarding Presidio’s decision.  Presidio has yet to hear from Play It Safe and will reach out to follow up.
  • Bids for 300 building renovations
    • RL reached out to the two companies from whom we received prior bids – Titan and Dolan.  Titian needs to add the server closet and Dolan the kitchen to their current bids.
  • Bids for window repair/replacement
    • RL reached out to Titan, Doolan, and the company recommended by TG.  He is currently awaiting bids.
  • RFP #FY23-02 Engineering and Landscape Design; 1695 campus, Bld. 300 courtyard
    • RL and JM need to revise the RFP to adjust for changes in pricing then send it out for bid.

Prepared by: Terry S. Garza   

Terry S. Garza


  • FY 20/21 School Letter Grade
    • Presidio received an “A” rating!!!
  • Employee Update
    • K-5 Student Support and Conduct Coordinator (SSCC)
      • The previous K-5 SSCC employee moved to the grade 2 teaching position.  Presidio hired Tre Horton, who is now the K-5 SSCC and oversees the TRC until 5PM
    • Teachers
      • Presidio welcomed Mr. J. Miller to our Specials team as the new Music teacher.  Mr. Miller joins Presidio from Allegro, where he taught small group and individual lessons using various instruments.
  • History and Humanities Festival update
    • The Festival was quite successful and had a lot of community and parent volunteers.  Students participated in a Parade of Books, getting to pick out a book of their choosing since they were unable to do so during the Open House.  Activities centered around writing and various Fall holidays and students maintained their daily schedule as closely as possible.
  • Pima County Health Department Inspection report
    • Presidio passed with a couple technical issues, specifically toilet seat covers.  That information has been shared with RL who is working to rectify said issues.
  • Fire panel inspection 
    • On Nov. 11, Central Alarm is scheduled to complete a panel sensor replacement, then will conduct a fire panel inspection on both the 1615 and 1695 campuses.
  • Reports
    • This is the season for reports.  The following are due shortly:
      • Oct. 1 Data Collection – November 15
      • Teacher Attrition Survey – January 31
      • Immunization Data Report – November 15
      • ADE Verification report (for NSLP) – November 15
      • Income Eligibility – January 18
      • Cycle 6 EL Desktop Monitoring – November 10
      • EMAC Safe Return to School report – November 4

Prepared by: Jessica Montierth

 Jessica Montierth


Next Meeting: December 6, 2022 at 5:00 PM

Next Meeting

May 7th, 2024

5:00 pm Presidio School Dreamcatcher Library

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