January 3, 2023

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Date: 01/03/2023
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Dreamcatcher Library

Meeting Agenda

 Notice of Public Meeting

Presidio School Inc. Board of Directors

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the Presidio School Board of Directors and to the general public that a meeting, open to the public, will be held as specified below.


Board of Presidio School, Inc. 

By Terry S Garza, Terry S. Garza

Secretary, Board of Directors of Presidio School


Presidio School Board of Directors Meeting

1695 East Ft. Lowell 

Dreamcatcher Library

Tucson, Arizona 85719

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

5:00 PM


  • Call to order Mr. Carrillo
  • Public Comment Mr. Carrillo

Action Items:

  • Consideration to Approve the December 6,2022  Board Meeting Minutes Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the November 2022 Expenditures Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve window replacement recommendation for 300 Bldg. Ms. Montierth


Discussion Items:

  • Phased Plan for 1615 & 1695 Courtyard renovation projects to ensure mandatory Ms. Garza

ESSER deadlines are met in the most cost effective and fiscally conscious manner 

  • Update on status of Courtyard renovation projects Ms. Montierth
  • Update on 300 Bldg. storm damage restoration project Ms. Montierth
  • Update on New Year” celebration for Presidio School employees Ms. Montierth


Principal’s Report: Ms. Montierth

Meeting Minutes

Presidio School Board of Directors

 Meeting Minutes

1695 E. Ft. Lowell

Tucson, Arizona

Date:   January 3, 2023


Called To Order:  5:04 PM Adjourned:  5:57 PM

Attendance by Members of the Board:  P= Present, A=Absent, R=Remote Attendance

  A   Peggy Barnett, Treasurer

  R   Martin Carrillo, President

  P   Thomas Drexel, Vice President

  R   Terry Garza, Secretary

  A   Pat Johnston, Member

  P   Jessica Montierth, Member

Public Comment: No public comment


  1. To approve the December 6, 2022 Minutes as presented.

Moved by:     Jessica Montierth Seconded by:    Tom Drexel   Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approve the November 2022 Expenditures as presented.

Moved by:       Tom Drexel Seconded by:     Jessica Montierth    Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. Consideration to approve the Weathersby proposal for window replacement for Building 300 contingent upon verification of the warranty for business vs. residential and that the warranty is as good as or better than the warranty proposed by the other vendors.

Moved by:       Tom Drexel Seconded by:     Terry Garza    Outcome: Passed Unanimously

Discussion Items:

  • Phased Plan for 1615 and 1695 courtyard renovation project to ensure mandatory ESSER deadlines are met in the most cost effective and fiscally conscious manner
    • A Phased Plan would allow Presidio to utilize the company already agreed upon for various phases of projects, which will allow Presidio to move forward with the projects in a timely manner and will ensure that all areas are in compliance with state and federal guidelines.
  • Update on status of courtyard renovation projects
    • Jessica Montierth, Denice Chapman, and Terry Garza met with Jeff Sheppard from Play It Safe to review the considerations requested by the Board during the October Board meeting.  Jeff Sheppard is relaying the changes to his Office Manager and has scheduled another meeting with Presidio to review the revised proposal.  The meeting is scheduled for January 13, 2023.
  • Update on Building 300 restoration project
    • Terry Garza and Jessica Montierth need to sign the work authorization for Titan in order to begin demolition and schedule a meeting to discuss renovation.  Demolition can begin about 1-2 weeks after Titan receives the signed work authorization.
  • Update on New Year celebration for Presidio School 
    • Tucson Racquet Club contact, Paul, will contact Jessica Montierth later this week/early next week with a quote for January 22, 2023; 2-5 PM.  There is a $200 room fee, minimum of $200 for food, and no minimum amount on alcohol.  Food will include heavy appetizers such as mini-chimichangas, veggie and fruit tray, chips and salsa, and quesadillas. Beverages will include beer, wine, lemonade, iced tea, and soft drinks.

Prepared by: Terry S. Garza   

Terry S. Garza

Principal’s Report:


  • Presidio Giving Tree
    • Presidio was able to help 11 families in need this holiday season.  Families received a $50 grocery gift card, turkey or ham, and gifts for their children.  Gifts included needs such as clothing and/or shoes and a want.
  • PTSO Holiday Bazaar
    • The Holiday Bazaar was not as successful as the PTSO had hoped due to inclement weather and outside events scheduled during the busy holiday season.
  • Facilities Update
    • Water bottle refilling stations
      • James with Prickly Pear Plumbing has yet to provide a quote for the water bottle refilling station installation as contracted COVID and was ill for most of Winter Break.  He hopes to get a quote to RL by the end of this week. 
    • Heater Switch Covers
      • The heater switch covers were ordered and installed over break.  Presidio is still missing one heater switch cover for 805.  It will be installed once it has been received.
    • Gym HVAC unit
      • The Gym HVAC is throwing codes, so a Work Order is being drafted and DC is reaching out to check on the status of the warranty.
    • Aftercare Grant to cover 1615 Rubber Surface costs
      • DC applied for an Aftercare grant in the amount of $125,000 to cover the costs associated with pouring rubber surfacing.  The grant is currently pending.
    • Trees
      • 1615 campus trees will be trimmed by DC and her husband
      • RL is getting bids for tree trimming on the 1695 campus
  • Winter Formal/SO’s Memorial
    • Both events are scheduled for the same day with overlapping times.  The High School CCCR class asked to include the 8th grade students in the Formal; however, JM denied that request.  JM also asked the CCCR class to look into options to change the date.  CCCR stated that they would lose their room deposit if they change the date/cancel.  Presidio offered to reimburse CCCR for any loss in deposit.

Prepared by: Jessica Montierth

 Jessica Montierth


Next Meeting: February 7, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Next Meeting

June 25th, 2024

5:00 pm Presidio School Dreamcatcher Library

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