February 7, 2023

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Date: 02/07/2023
Time: 5:00pm
Location: Dreamcatcher Library

Meeting Agenda

 Notice of Public Meeting

Presidio School Inc. Board of Directors

Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the Presidio School Board of Directors and to the general public that a meeting, open to the public, will be held as specified below.


Board of Presidio School, Inc. 

By Terry S Garza, Terry S. Garza

Secretary, Board of Directors of Presidio School


Presidio School Board of Directors Meeting

1695 East Ft. Lowell 

Dreamcatcher Library

Tucson, Arizona 85719

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

5:00 PM

  • Call to order Mr. Carrillo
  • Public Comment Mr. Carrillo

Action Items:

  • Consideration to Approve the January 3,2023  Board Meeting Minutes Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve the December 2022 Expenditures Ms. Garza
  • Consideration to Approve Security Camera Policy Ms. Montierth
  • Consideration to Approve 23/24 School Calendar Ms.  Montierth
  • Consideration to Approve Membership for Restaurant Depot Ms. Montierth

Discussion Items:

  • Sun Tran Advertising Options Ms. Garza
  • Single Site Hybrid Plan Ms. Montierth
  • Various 23/24 Required Plans Ms. Montierth
  • Cyber Security Transition Plan Ms. Montierth

Principal’s Report: Ms. Montierth

Meeting Minutes

Presidio School Board of Directors

 Meeting Minutes

1695 E. Ft. Lowell

Tucson, Arizona

Date:   February 7, 2023


Called To Order:  5:08 PM Adjourned:  6:33 PM

Attendance by Members of the Board:  P= Present, A=Absent, R=Remote Attendance

  P   Peggy Barnett, Treasurer

  P   Martin Carrillo, President

  P   Thomas Drexel, Vice President

  P   Terry Garza, Secretary

  R   Pat Johnston, Member

  P   Jessica Montierth, Member

Public Comment: No public comment


  1. To approve the January 3, 2023 Minutes as presented.

Moved by:     Jessica Montierth Seconded by:    Tom Drexel   Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. To approve the December 2022 Expenditures as presented.

Moved by:       Pat Johnston Seconded by:     Peggy Barnett    Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. Consideration to approve the Security Camera Policy and Purchase Plan as presented

Moved by:       Terry Garza Seconded by:     Peggy Barnett    Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. Consideration to approve the SY 23/24 Presidio School Calendar with any of the three options presented based upon a majority vote by Presidio School employees.

Moved by:       Terry Garza Seconded by:     Tom Drexel    Outcome: Passed Unanimously

  1. Consideration to approve contracting for a Free Membership for Restaurant Depot. The free membership will allow Presidio to purchase food items tax free with an authorized Presidio School check.  All purchases shall have an approved Purchase Order Request form prior to the issuance of the check.

Moved by:       Terry Garza Seconded by:     Tom Drexel    Outcome: Passed Unanimously

Discussion Items

  • Advertising Options
    • Sun Tran package includes 7 buses for the price of 5 buses that travel on various routes
  1. $26,000 for a year
  2. $13,000 for 6 months
  3. 5 student registrations will cover the cost of a 6 months
  4. 3-4 week turnaround time from date of acceptance
  • Mailers for K-2 Round Up = $2,000
  1. One student registration will cover the cost
  • Community Partnerships with local news stations to promote the 1695 courtyard project
  • Review of Single Site Hybrid Plan and discussion about SY23/24 plans
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment/Integrated Action Plan
    • Integrated Action Plan goals and objectives are reviewed via survey, PTSO meetings, PLC meetings, and during Board Meetings.  JM gathered information, completed the FY 2024 Comprehensive Needs Assessment based on the data results, and is in the process of completing the District (LIAP) and School (SIAP) Integrated Action Plans.  The LIAP and SIAP form the basis for the development of federal grant funding budgets such as Title I, Title II, Title IV and ESSER.


  • Phased Cyber Security Transition Plan
    • In an effort to increase cyber security and meet cyber insurance requirements, Presidio is moving forward with increased cyber security measures.  All 4 of the Cyber Security measures listed are being offered to Presidio via the AZ Department of Homeland Security and AZED Technology for FREE!  It is NOT a grant, but those two departments are paying for it to help ensure schools are secure and can meet the requirements of the Cyber Insurance Companies and currently plan to continue purchasing these indefinitely.  The Four Cyber Security Measures that are offered:
  1. Thales – Multi-Factor Authorization
  • Creates a secondary “password” that is more protected
  1. Tanium – Converged Endpoint Management
    • Allows viewing and monitoring software etc on PCs on our domain
  1. Crowdstrike – Virus Protection etc for endpoints
    • Would replace Sophos (so we will wait for this until Sophos is going to expire)
  1. Cloudflare – Cloud Firewall Protections
    • Would replace our current on premises firewall. (So again, we will wait until our current firewall is going to expire)

Prepared by: Terry S. Garza   

Terry S. Garza

Principal’s Report

  • Event Update
    • PTSO January 27, 2023 Community Night was successful with about 60 attendees.  Some families dropped off their children and used the event as a “free babysitting” opportunity, so PTSO will discuss how to address this for future events.
    • K-2 Round Up is scheduled for Saturday, February 11, 2023.  JM has passed out flyers to local preschools, flyers have been emailed to various zip codes, and information about the event has been posted on the marquee.
    • STEM Festival is scheduled for February 22, 2023.  Students in grades 8-12 will attend a College and Career Fair and complete ECAPS in lieu of the STEM Festival, which will also serve as an 8th grade “step up” day.  Activities include: creating fossils, construction projects, and a FFA/petting zoo.
    • Prom has been rescheduled for April 15, 2023 at the Crystal Event Center.  CCCR students are in the process of scheduling the caterer and polling the high school students’ preferred theme.
  • ESSER II and III Programmatic Review
    • Presidio has been randomly selected to participate in another ESSER II and III Programmatic review, scheduled for the end of April.  Presidio has already participated in one programmatic review, so this is a follow up to review data obtained and discuss progress on larger projects, such as the 1695 courtyard.
  • June 2023 Summer Remediation/Credit Recovery and Enrichment
    • JM polled Presidio staff to gather information about interest in teaching/working over the summer and EF posted job listings for summer remediation teachers and paraprofessionals.  Information is scheduled to go out to families after Q3 report card grades are finalized.

Prepared by: Jessica Montierth

 Jessica Montierth


Next Meeting: March 7, 2023 at 5:00 PM


Next Meeting

June 25th, 2024

5:00 pm Presidio School Dreamcatcher Library

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